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Clarifying Your Values

When I begin working with a new client we always start off by having a conversation about ‘values’. The term ‘values’ is an interesting one, and one which is often misunderstood. But having a clear sense of what your personal values are is probably the most powerful tool to point you in the right direction when you want to make a major life change, and to keep you moving even when it is tough.

Download my Values Worksheet to get clear on what your values are. And if you need a bit of help, I’ve created a Values List for inspiration.


Passengers on the Bus

Now, values are great, and are unbelievably useful in helping you to get clear on the direction you should be heading. But, the truth is that taking values-guided action is rarely an easy ride. Most people who want to change career, and make a living doing something which is more consistent with their values, have been thinking about it for a long time – something has stopped them from taking action.  While sometimes there are very really external factors that act as obstacles, often the biggest obstacles are internal – our own thoughts and feelings.  It pays to get to know these unwanted passesngers on the bus of life, and to learn new ways of managing them so they have less impact on what you do.

Download my Passengers on the Bus worksheet to learn more.